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- Dear customers, please kindly be informed that the ATMs of the Arab Bank of Syria have ceased from service as of 12:00 pm on 6/8/2020. For further notice and for any inquiries, you can contact us at the following number 9421 in all governorates
JOD: 1713.39/1696.43
CHF: 1379.79/1366.13
JPY: 1190.24/100/1178.46/100
USD: 1262.50/1250.00
EUR: 1414.00/1400.00
GBP: 1651.98/1635.63


Corporate Governance:


The OECD defines  Corporate Governance as the  group relations between the management, board of directors , shareholders, and other stakeholders in an organization. Governance makes explicit the goals, ways of achieving  them, and how to monitor progress thereto . Thus, good governance provides incentives for the board and executive management to reach set goals, facilitating active oversight, and helping the organization achieve optimal use of resources.

The Board of the Arab Bank - Syria is keen to uphold the highest levels of professionalism in all activities, and is committed  to make all endeavors to fully accomplish all responsibilities defined in the Bank’s statute. The Board fully understands how important it is to practice good governance in order to achieve its goals and protect  the rights of stakeholders (shareholders, employees, depositors, and clients). Similarly, through its Corporate Governance Committee, the Board strives for the successful implementation of all the resolutions, rules, and principles of good governance of the Monetary and Credit Board, the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets, and the OECD, alongside the principles of corporate governance in banks issued by the Basel Committee.

Corporate Governance Guide here :

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